Sunday, January 21, 2018

Married life

Last week, exactly on this day, my cousin just engaged with his girlfriend. I don't know which one is scarier, the fact that the topic of marriage and wedding in my family is getting real or the fact that I didn't die earlier. Nope, joking. I, in fact, very pleased to see one of my cousin gonna tie the knot, knowing that I probably would know how fucked up married life with a very honest opinion from someone I'm closed to. I don't refer married life as one hell phase we might be suffering for the rest of our lives, to have new generations is what we're all expecting, right? *chuckles*. There's this thing in me where I'm pretty, quiet, sort of, no, definitely afraid of getting married. Knowing gonna spend the rest of my life with someone whom I, let's say, love completely, taking care of each other' shits, having kids, educate them to be a better version of ourselves, aren't that...sorry, complicated?
Not that I don't believe in love. I do. Well, I guess I do. Being teared up in previous relationship doesn't make me a coward, I still believe in love and kindness, even though I'm turning to be a total jerk now, probably.
It's still a long pathway to marriage, at least for me. Not that I would deny to get married in my young age, but I prefer finishing my degree first before diving into eternal love life I gotta face. I still feel like I haven't watched much movies, read thousand books, listen to million songs. I'm just gonna take things easy and not rushing things out for the rest of my days.

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