Friday, May 06, 2016

Nobody Could Make You Happy Unless Yourselves


This thing is common in my generation. People be like making fun of single people out there. And those who are taken feel superior because they think they have somebody to hold their backs. And I'm here, laughing at you guys who feel superior becaue of that.

I'm not going to deny that I like the idea of having a relationship. Everybody wants the ideal ones, well, who doesn't? But the fact that you're taken because you couldn't handle the "single people" sort of joke is appalling. You can't stand on your own, can you? So you need somebody to hold you, so you wouldn't fall apart? You weak human being.

I'm writing this to those who are ashamed of being called "jomblo". Nobody could make you inferior without your consent. Well, my ideal type of relationship means loving each other unconditionally, without even asking for public display attention. It is fine if you want to tell the world that you're proudly his, but please, we don't need every shitty explanation that you wrote on Instagram. We don't need that so called "goals". 

Here it is, you better look for things that makes you happy, invest your energy in things that lasts forever (books, movies) but not men. Men are human being, eventually, they passed away. Lastly, be like a butterfly, pretty to see, hard to catch. 

End of the passage, I would like to say sorry for many quotes intended.

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