Friday, March 18, 2016

My money is not for charity

Recently, I read an article, an Indonesian article about Starbucks adding Rp 1.000 to every customer who purchase coffees & stuffs there. The reason behind this, is, that Starbucks is working for a donation. Every 1K is donated to @PlanetWaterLive for Water for Change program, which supports the existence of clean water around the world. Unfortunately, this woman wasn't being told before that Starbucks going to add 1K to her billing. And she protested on that. She thought, the reason of the 'adding 1K to your billing' program wasn't reasonable.

I, here, never want to be a wise guru or some kind of that. But you guys must've realized that, those who purchase something in Starbucks, must be wealthy enough, since it's only a coffee or a non-coffee beverages cost mostly > Rp 40.000. Let's separate those who took Starbucks for Instagram likes and followers. I mean like, you're friggin able to purchase > Rp 40.000 and you mind sharing your Rp 1000 to unlucky people out there? Who can't even taste the great liquid taste in your hand (re: coffee you just have bought)?

Great in nominals, small in hearts. I can make sure that you want the world and the citizen in it could get better and better each day. Who doesn't want that, anyway. So, let's stop pretending to be rich in money but actually have that stingy heart. It's only Rp 1.000, just than your pricey-branded-instagramable beverages, why would you be mad? 😏

(I don't mean to disparage the function of Rp 1.000 but guys, you go to Starbucks but mind to share only Rp 1.000?!)

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