Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ukulele thang

Not feeling well these days because I'm always tired when I wanna study at the crib. Feels like the day I've been through at school is quite enough, which means no more "self-torturing" at home, I'm ready to marry my bed, my only boyfriend.
Since national examination or so called UN is getting closer and closer each day (I'm in my grade 12, in case that you don't know) I, honestly, haven't prepared anything unless today's math practice at school. Yeah, anything that related to studying--teaching, happened mostly in school, not in the house, to me. Going home means resting soul to bed, enjoy youtube, listen to good musics, and so on.
Currently, I really want to untick my monthly wish(es), which is..........having an UKULELE. Yeah. No jokes intended. I, honestly, in the mood of exploring some new thang in me (lol, i'm talentless (is that even a word?)) and feels like, training ukulele and chords and songs is great though. I, basically, started playing an ukulele last year (if ain't mistaken), well actually, what i have isn't an ukulele, it's more likely a toy guitar that my dad bought somewhere (I guess in pasar gembrong) but it has 4 snares and when I tuned it, it sounded the same like what I heard. I trained hard back then until my fingers got redden but I felt good about it. Last night, I tried to play "Happy" by Nevershoutnever. The chords were pretty much eeeeeaaasssyyy and you might give it a try. I love Happy (not by Pharrel.)
Tonight's heartbreaking story came from Fedi Nuril, because he wants to hold a marriage on January 17 2016. Wonder how did I got to be this up-to-date? Well, my friend informed me and as the most updated-never ran out of good news-I immediately searched for the news on google and found out his bride-to-be ask.fm page, which is me, nah, a girl which is not me. Bye fellas, I'm gonna go to bed, since some shits need to be done in a blink of an eye (one night.) Sorry for making it sounds excessive because actually it's true. Bye fellas, bye bye bye.

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