Thursday, January 21, 2016


Yesterday was our first anniversary. A week ago, you promised me to go to our favorite Pizzeria and have our favorite menu. And who could've ever said no to go out with the one whom I loved the most and devour my favorite food?

The day before our big day, you told me you were truly sorry because you couldn't make it tomorrow, since you need to collect files for your scholarship application. I couldn't be the one who hampers your dreams, since I don't want mine to be prevented though.

And yesterday, I got no plan but to stay at home. I wandered from channel to channel on TV. I was sort of disappointed. I have prepared the best outfit for our day and a present that you've been longing for. But I love you, so I want the best for you and your future. And suddenly, this irrational idea popped up in my mind.

I went to the Pizzeria where we wanted to celebrate our day. I was peerless. I knew you couldn't make it, so I just wanted to celebrate it, alone. I sat on table number 8, the date when you asked me to be yours. Our day. Yesterday's date. I immediately asked the waiter for the menu and order a small pan of pizza. And a glass of my favorite drink.

I examined this place until I saw something familiar. I caught you there, sat happily, holding her hand, enjoying the same pizza as I ordered. Never have I saw you that happy before when you're with me. And since then, pizza never tasted the same anymore.

(I made this story  when I went back home today. Walking makes my brain works well. I don't know the correlation between walking and the function of brain works though).


  1. WAAAAH bagus.
    Serius ini, tidak sarkas.
    Bagus, Naf.
    Ditunggu short story lainnya.
    Pemilihan angkanya juga bagus.
    Yang ini baru sarkas.
    Gadeng serius juga.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA bagus men hebat kubangga jadi temanmu.

    1. Terus lu sedih nggak pas baca? :") Pas gua ngetik tanggalnya, gua kepikiran lu kok. Terus berdoa supaya lu gak baca