Thursday, December 31, 2015


If I could erase a characteristic within human being, it'd be "forgetful". This thought barely came to my mind but once it popped up, I think this was the cruelest stuff I've ever thought about. No, not really the -est one but sort of. Based on my own experience, I pretty remember every people that I knew since I went to kindergarten. I may not remember moments and dates but I remember people. I clearly could depict their names, faces, and acts they have done to me long looong ago. Terrific much? I found it impressing yet annoying at the same time. Because at the same time too, the ones I remember forgot me. You might be presuming this is my vengeance act, since people keep forgetting my existence. Lol heck yeah, who doesn't want to be remembered. But I, with the utmost respect, curse the ability of mine that has been streaming down my blood since I was born. I ever had this awkward moment ever that happened to me 2 years ago;
T is for the person I knew; M stands for me.
M: "T!!!! Do you remember me? I'm your old friend back then in EF"
T: "*confused as heck, you can tell without even looking at his face* No"
M: "The ones who went to EF with D (a friend of mine too). Don't you remember?"
T: "I remember D but I don't recognize you"
M: "Ok...."

Oh shit just happened.

Blame me for having the weirdest greeting to an old friend of mine. Unfortunately, he goes to the same highschool of mine. Thank God we've never been classmates.
I know how awful "hello old friend, do you remember me" conversation starter pack. I know. Don't even tell me. But since then, I'm afraid of having a chit-chat with old fellas again since the probability of me being remembered is....1%.
"Remember old friend that only remembers you back" ability. If only this obtained in earthlings; there'd be no such an awkward chit-chat happened to me, ever. I know this idea was like a vengeful action. For God's sake, I don't wanna remember people who doesn't remember me back, in order, no more embarrasing, untimely incident. No more.

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