Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Warlike Wednesday

I don't get it how Wednesday could make me mad than ever. Seriously, things have always gone wrong in Wednesday morning and so does in midday until I went back home. People at school are not cooperative neither friendly as usual on Wednesday. I received thousands of life learning from passing through this shitty day. No no, I can't always think like this, because this is going to happen weekly if I did. So Wednesday, can you give my good mood back since I can't handle all those bitter-scrappy stuffs going on around me?

Since I have 2 exams (more likely tomorrow), so I skipped a yearbook meeting today. Yup, I'm one of the committees. My first time taking a massive responsibility in my last year in senior high school. I'm going to graduate in months. Finally, bright future, here I come.

Looks like I got no more topic to be blabbered about and I haven't studied math for sure. Oh oh, life is great when you're away from math exam, I know that. I'm about to off, bye bye. See ya later when my mood boosts up. :-)

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