Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday's madness

I can't feel any other else than irked. Since mbak Mar is going back to her village and the whole family got to do their own chores, this somehow drives me cracked. And I also skipped today's German course because of my negligence.  I slept way too long and here I am. Nothing productive on Saturday, unlike usual. Yup, I have that massive spirit for taking German courses. Just don't ask me why. In order to pay my skipped German course, I want to bake Easy Oreo and Chacha Double Chocolate Brownies. Since I got no choice what I should've done today so I bake instead. BUT the whole plan was destroyed by mum. I hate when I found out I want to do something productive, but somebody break it down. No man, ain't gonna curse because I know how sinner I am. Next, I want to clean my phone's storage since it's full and when I moved it to the PC, my PC got lagged. How friggin scrappy is that? You know, periodically some things never work out the way we want. And we just fed up with everything around. That's how life supposed to be. You can't always get what you want right away. Everything takes time. I don't know why I hopped into this conclusion. Even small things like these are counted. I mean, we can learn about life from bitty incidents that happened around us. Why do I look like your life guru, meanwhile my life is a whole mess with delusional conception. But at least I found some new playlists on 8tracks and it makes me happy. Yup, it's easy to make me happy and sad also fed up at the same time. You just don't know how it goes, either do I!

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