Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wishlists of the month

Am in the mood for new music. I have just found a new youtube channel, (pardon my laziness mode for being turned on everyday, even for surfing on internet) The Sound You Need. A magnificent headache hit me brutally today. Me and my fellow conclusion is I got too much hibernating time, up till I get this ridiculous nuisance rearward. Which caused me unhinged. I decided to deactivate my twitter and facebook account. Something breezed in my mind to delete some accounts and I immediately said yes. May this vexation give me more inspirations of what-to-do list on this so-called recess.
Frankly, I've been craving for new bags, phone cases, and watch. Oh hella big nah, they are way too much and expensive(because I don't do saving often)

1. Swatch's Summer Breeze Collections

 These unambiguously drool me. 

2. Fjällräven Kanken Daypack
This navy and warm yellow drives me nuts, probably?

Call me outdated but the first time I saw Kanken, I wasn't interested enough. One thing that made me want it is my language course guru. Thank you, guru. If any of you want to give me or endorse? feel free to reach me anywhere, anytime. I'm pretty sure nobody will  but I'll let myself be on Hollywood fame first so I can purchase anything I crave for. Nah, being on fame isn't my thing but I'll make myself able for endorsement. Same enough, huh? For phone cases, I have no specific types or designs, I want every type of case that I found cool enough, let's say, a plain black metal ones? I do receive cuties designs though! :p

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