Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Malang bound

You can never go wrong with traveling. Went to Malang for 4 days and 3 nights is quite enough, even though I didn't get so much chance to explore the whole city, but at least I have ticked "flying like a bird" off my bucketlists. Those who don't wanna go way too far and those who are fatigued with Puncak ambience, this city might fit you.
I decided to stay in Batu, frankly, it's my parents' decision. After hours, we finally arrived at Kartika Wijaya Batu Heritage Hotel and checked in. The reason why we stayed here is because my brother wanted to go swimming and this place has swimming pool facility. When I finally explored the place, this actually out of my estimation. It has mini outbound (those petites who want to do more physical exercise on holiday can go here), big football field, tennis field, table tennis facility, basketball field. As a food lover, I can never say no to any food they offer on breakfast. Even though it was just a basic menu, them cooking is bellyful for your starving tummy because of Batu's temperature.

Our cottage.

What's inside?

Swimming pool.

It's actually bigger than it looks.

Mountain scenery never been tedious.

On the first day, we also went to Batu's most remark-well known-museum. Yup, Museum Angkut. It looks tiny from outside. When actually it also has its own Museum Topeng and floating market. Wondrous! Different from Jakarta's tourist attractions, Batu offers lower price with stunning spectacles. Since my dad and my brother are automotive admirers, we spend our longest time on the first floor, the cars&motorcycles section. My favorite section was the US-Europe museum. Heaven for the eye, heaven for Instagram. 

"Bal, bal, sekali lagi!" commanded me 
to my brother. The sok-candid-pose so called.

That's my mom, posing.

Ugh, blurry vision.

Ugh, blurry vision. (2)

No photo of the floating market because
boisterous lassies gangster are made
my day. :) 
(This is a sarcasm, if you don't know)

For fulfilling pleasure, we then headed to Batu Night Spectacular (BNS). Well, this can be called as mini Dunia Fantasi Jakarta. But it also has its market inside. Every tourist attractions in Batu mostly has its own market, huh.. I just tried the Ghost House and Gravity-what-sorry-I-forgot, and also their mirror house. Come on, big daughter like me is a coward, hey! That Gravity-what ride offered you to feel the ambiance with no gravity. Yea, it felt heavy..

That Gravity-what ride is called Gravitron. :)

This one should be looked like dancing fountain water.

After having a looong day, we went back to our cottage and on the other day, we went to Batu Secret Zoo and Museum Satwa. Sadly, we didn't get the chance to visit Eco Green Park because the time ticked faster than usual (which actually because we got out from hotel at day, and the Batu Secret Zoo closed on 5 PM, which was there wouldn't be enough time).

Way back to hotel, we moved to another hotel. We moved to Surya Indah. But I don't really recommend you to stay there because its sorta spooky. They don't really offer what hotel is, but the sceneries were great though. 
On the next day, we went to gunung Banyak for paragliding. My first time flying, ever. We can also try it in Puncak but I wasn't really concerned about paragliding at first. 

My attempt to have a good selfie up there.

Bro, the one who was thought to be my big bro.


Is flying.

Above the clouds.

That's all a wrap. Malang. Friendly people are everywhere. Appetizing foods are here and there. Tourist attractions are wherever. #exploremalang.

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