Monday, June 22, 2015

Bakery and flowers

Thinking about the upcoming post, since I got loads of time (even though my biology stuffs hasn't finished yet) my out of view dreams has finally implying my thought. Hence, I finally have the guts to write about this, since I was genuinely weary back then. Who doesn't love bakeries, pastries, and any other food? Who doesn't drool whenever your favorite food be mentioned or you've got to taste your favorite food for a day (because I know, when it's served everyday, monotony is striking back at you)? Another thing beside pursuing your dream to be a chef (because whether we were a chef, we can cook any gratifying-exquisite-mouthwatering foods like, everyday?) you can build a bakery shop or a Café! I can't think any other else because, oh man, I will not resist having my own bakery/Café (who will anyway?) Since I ain't good at drawing/designing or depict my ideas on to a paper sketch, I look for sorta interior&exterior design for my future bakery! May I get your amen?

Life is just a cup of cake
Park your vehicles beside our petite house.

You may sit beautifully-chicly-elegantly,
or you may sit however you wanna sit,
or sit comfortably, indeed.

Please order at the counter.
Before you want to purchase, you can choose freely
your favorite menu(s) here. We'll patiently wait and
will surely serve you with our best.

Copyright: Pinterest

My second upcoming list is a flower shop. Yup, a florist. A simple yet an exacting job for me. Having flowers to wander everyday is sure a pacifying thing. Breath in, breath our, eyecandies in all quarters. Here are some portraits of today's hunting at Pinterest!

Ain't gonna put any caption to each photo cause I'm having another thing to do right away. Bye :)

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