Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Too many high hopes, too many disappointments?

I've been expecting some things too high for reasons. Yes, I have life-goals like all of you. Mines are maybe too high so when I didn't reach it, I disappointed like cray. Some things just weren't planned for me, I deserve something better. Half of my soul just broken. This kind of disappointment will never be forgotten in my life. You guys might think it's only a piece of shit. Yes, you don't have my point of view.
Hopes, dreams, prays and everything mixed up in one dough. I was trying to laugh when I'm down, I was trying to be happy when I think I can't, but I did it. I didn't fake any smile or everything like most people did. One thing for sure, everything happens for reasons.

One thing that keeps me alive

God has planned a better life than what we expected.


  1. aah~ what a wise girl,
    I am on the same state of you
    exactly, and I always tells myself "God's plan are waaay better than yours"

    just don't quit and keep believing
    who knows what happen in the future?


  2. omg thank you for calling me a wise girl, but actually im nooot :)
    yaay, gimme 5! we're on the same state!
    hoping our dreams come true

    mit Liebe,