Thursday, February 12, 2015

A very friendly reminder to our dear author

Oh dear Nabila,
I know you've been through your dark days and now you're quite enjoying your life. You must know that there are lots of obstacles you haven't faced, which means you gotta be ready. All this life, you've been in not-so-called-love for many times yet you've been disappointed lots, too. We are not going to talk is your love life went well or pretty bad.
Oh dear Nabila,
I guess you're sorta tired about all the routine you've been doing since the first day of Sophomore year. I couldn't be proud of you kind of hard work you've done. But believe me, Nabila, you've the best of the best mission to accomplish in a year. You get to pursue your dreams you've been dreaming, you MUST attest people' who disbelief about you, about your ability. Nobody can stop you from achieving your phantasms. Society will always doubt your abilities and some of them might won't let you pursue it, unless you're being faithful, stand for your phantasms.
Oh dear Nabila,
Forget about the boy who you adore, let Allah match you with your loved ones. If this sounds terrifying, well it is. But this is the truth that you have to know. He(the boy) WILL NOT notice you and you can't be jealous of anybody who adores him too, because he's not even yours and maybe will not be yours. I am not going to let you fall too deep like any other girls who have been into that killing hole. I don't wanna see you crying at 3 AM because of the boy who is not worth the tears.
Oh dear Nabila,
Here is my very friendly reminder to you. I just wanna see you be who you want to be, be like you've been dreaming for whole years, and I want to see you marry the right guy, raise the kids with your loved ones and cherish the moments.

With love,


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Too many high hopes, too many disappointments?

I've been expecting some things too high for reasons. Yes, I have life-goals like all of you. Mines are maybe too high so when I didn't reach it, I disappointed like cray. Some things just weren't planned for me, I deserve something better. Half of my soul just broken. This kind of disappointment will never be forgotten in my life. You guys might think it's only a piece of shit. Yes, you don't have my point of view.
Hopes, dreams, prays and everything mixed up in one dough. I was trying to laugh when I'm down, I was trying to be happy when I think I can't, but I did it. I didn't fake any smile or everything like most people did. One thing for sure, everything happens for reasons.

One thing that keeps me alive

God has planned a better life than what we expected.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Biggest dream

Someone proposed me the way that business man proposed Ally Darling (Anna Faris) in "What's Your Number" movie and we have this face on the day we're holding marriage.

my dream
my dream
my dream
it hurts

p.s: to my future husband out there, I love you 
just for fun