Wednesday, May 25, 2016

7 Reasons Why Your Two Week Trip To Haiti Doesn’t Matter: Calling Bull on “Service Trips”

People on such short trips usually don’t stick around long enough to realize how ineffective they are being.  In Uganda, I got used to seeing groups of young people come for week-long visits at the orphanage where taught English. They would play with the kids, give them a bracelet or something, and then leave all-smiles, thinking they just saved Africa. I was surprised when the day after the first group left, exactly zero of the kids were wearing the bracelet they had received the day prior. The voluntourists  left thinking they gave the kids something they didn’t have before (and with bragging rights for life). But the kids didn’t care, because what they really wanted was school uniforms, their school fees to be paid, guaranteed meals, basic healthcare, and the like — the basics.
Worse, they can even be harmful to children who struggle with abandonment issues.  This should not be understated; have you ever considered the negative impact it routinely has on kids after they bond with someone for a week, and then that person disappears from their life? If your justification for going on these trips is “seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces”, then you’re part of the problem.


Friday, May 20, 2016

100% A Feminist

I have this one friend who underestimate me in every aspect. Let me repeat, IN EVERY ASPECT. Well, I know I should've not been bothered by this thing, because he really knows nothing about what I have accomplished. I don't have to prove him my whole life that I can do everything that he thought I can't. Yo boy, just keep on watching your TV, I'm gonna be having a speech, somewhere, about women empowerment, and you boy sucks.

The thing(s) he said to me are more likely about saying that I'm stupid. Hey baby, what's your standard of smartness? Is it mean by calling me stupid, it makes you smarter? Oh hey, here it is, if your standard of calling me stupid is by my highschool notes, yes, you can't be wrong. If your standard of calling me stupid is every aspect in life, which you think I'm not good at, I can kick you in the balls and punch you on your face. I don't know whether this thing is called bully or not, or maybe you can call me excessive, darling, I ain't making it up, I seriously uncomfortable with the label he put on me, even though I know my own capability, but he CAN'T underestimate me that way or to anyone else.

I never thought of being a real feminist right before this. I surely am not hating men for who they are (but if you underestimate us, make sure you have reserved a place to be buried in). There's no such good things as revenge, but right now I really wanna kick him, make him wasted. Sorry for physical fight involved, because I just couldn't spit hurtful words that will strike him in the heart. I am bad in it, yet I have no courage to kick him either. Deal with life, myself.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

When I Fall, I Fall Hard

Malam terambyar I've ever had. Gue tuh orangnya sangat mudah kegeeran dan easy to catch feelings. Parah sih, ini fatal. Terkadang, when I've imagined something soooo pretty, meanwhile in reality, it says no. Gue udah mencoba untuk secuek dan sejahat dan se-gak-tinggi-itu-untuk-berimajinasi, tapi kok masih aja gampang terbawa suasana, padahal itu sangat tidak.... ah sudahlah. Ini lebih ke personal problem sih, gue juga menganggap ini sebenernya masalah yang gak perlu diceritain di blog, tapi berhubung playlist malem ini lagu-lagunya Adele, jadi gini deh.......

When I fall, I fall hard. Ini......ini iya banget. Gue terhitung gak pernah sih jatuh cinta sama lawan jenis, or your so called love, gak pernah. Tapi kayaknya, when the time has come, gue bakal jadi super duper, apa namanya, clingy. It's quite hard for you to find me clingy these days, but pretty sure, I'm gonna be that one friggin clingy-annoying kind of woman that you'll hate to see. Gue gak bisa menye-menye sama orang terdekat, apa lagi sama orang baru. I used to think that I USED to be a hopeless romantic one, ternyata.....emang iya deng, gue udah datar-datar aja tuh sama cerita cinta di dunia ini, nothing seems romantic for me. Urat rasa cinta gue udah putus kayaknya. Bahkan, berita Blac Chyna dikasih 28 bunga on her 28th birthday from Rob, with 28 different messages in each card gue bilang cheesy. Sampah emang gue.

When people talk to me about love, I really am clueless with it. Mungkin karena faktor gue belom pernah ngerasain juga kali ya, jadi gak tau apa yang harus gue respon. My sister said, it's beautiful to fall in love. You do feel butterflies in your tummy. Halah, makan tuh butterflies. In my tummy, I have intestines. Bercanda, gue gak ngerti soalnya gimana rasanya ada butterflies when you fall in love, when you talk to the one who you find attractive and he LIKES you back, when you receive midnight calls and talk endless shits which are happening in the world, everything seems and sounds make sense. But when you guys no longer feel the butterflies, it just tastes......bitter. More bitter than your black coffee. Everything seems shutting down, you think that you're not made for the earth, iya, lo dibikin buat mars, cuma nyasar aja ke sini.

Don't talk about love to me, because somehow it isn't real. Ya, gue tau kok, love isn't always about men or guys, tapi pasti selalu dikaitkan sama lawan jenis. I USED to have my standard of man whom I wanna married, sekarang, yang realistis aja, seagama, pinter, tinggi (but please, kita jangan kayak tiang bendera dan murid upacara), good in English (ini bukan additional, tapi ini harus, karena I really wanna speak in English with you, my dear), ganteng (wow, ini nilai tambah kok), bersih physically, maksudnya gak jorok, ngerti gak...... terus ya banyak deh, ini mah namanya punya standard. Well, basically, everyone has standards for everything, don't they? Request jodoh aja boleh nggak. Oh iya, I guess I'm no longer into the idea of relationship, since it's gonna be hurtful or nice, I don't want it anymore..for now. Kalo nanti, oh maybe I wanna change my mind? (Ini nulisnya berasa laku).

Friday, May 06, 2016

Nobody Could Make You Happy Unless Yourselves


This thing is common in my generation. People be like making fun of single people out there. And those who are taken feel superior because they think they have somebody to hold their backs. And I'm here, laughing at you guys who feel superior becaue of that.

I'm not going to deny that I like the idea of having a relationship. Everybody wants the ideal ones, well, who doesn't? But the fact that you're taken because you couldn't handle the "single people" sort of joke is appalling. You can't stand on your own, can you? So you need somebody to hold you, so you wouldn't fall apart? You weak human being.

I'm writing this to those who are ashamed of being called "jomblo". Nobody could make you inferior without your consent. Well, my ideal type of relationship means loving each other unconditionally, without even asking for public display attention. It is fine if you want to tell the world that you're proudly his, but please, we don't need every shitty explanation that you wrote on Instagram. We don't need that so called "goals". 

Here it is, you better look for things that makes you happy, invest your energy in things that lasts forever (books, movies) but not men. Men are human being, eventually, they passed away. Lastly, be like a butterfly, pretty to see, hard to catch. 

End of the passage, I would like to say sorry for many quotes intended.