Thursday, January 21, 2016


Yesterday was our first anniversary. A week ago, you promised me to go to our favorite Pizzeria and have our favorite menu. And who could've ever said no to go out with the one whom I loved the most and devour my favorite food?

The day before our big day, you told me you were truly sorry because you couldn't make it tomorrow, since you need to collect files for your scholarship application. I couldn't be the one who hampers your dreams, since I don't want mine to be prevented though.

And yesterday, I got no plan but to stay at home. I wandered from channel to channel on TV. I was sort of disappointed. I have prepared the best outfit for our day and a present that you've been longing for. But I love you, so I want the best for you and your future. And suddenly, this irrational idea popped up in my mind.

I went to the Pizzeria where we wanted to celebrate our day. I was peerless. I knew you couldn't make it, so I just wanted to celebrate it, alone. I sat on table number 8, the date when you asked me to be yours. Our day. Yesterday's date. I immediately asked the waiter for the menu and order a small pan of pizza. And a glass of my favorite drink.

I examined this place until I saw something familiar. I caught you there, sat happily, holding her hand, enjoying the same pizza as I ordered. Never have I saw you that happy before when you're with me. And since then, pizza never tasted the same anymore.

(I made this story  when I went back home today. Walking makes my brain works well. I don't know the correlation between walking and the function of brain works though).

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ukulele thang

Not feeling well these days because I'm always tired when I wanna study at the crib. Feels like the day I've been through at school is quite enough, which means no more "self-torturing" at home, I'm ready to marry my bed, my only boyfriend.
Since national examination or so called UN is getting closer and closer each day (I'm in my grade 12, in case that you don't know) I, honestly, haven't prepared anything unless today's math practice at school. Yeah, anything that related to studying--teaching, happened mostly in school, not in the house, to me. Going home means resting soul to bed, enjoy youtube, listen to good musics, and so on.
Currently, I really want to untick my monthly wish(es), which is..........having an UKULELE. Yeah. No jokes intended. I, honestly, in the mood of exploring some new thang in me (lol, i'm talentless (is that even a word?)) and feels like, training ukulele and chords and songs is great though. I, basically, started playing an ukulele last year (if ain't mistaken), well actually, what i have isn't an ukulele, it's more likely a toy guitar that my dad bought somewhere (I guess in pasar gembrong) but it has 4 snares and when I tuned it, it sounded the same like what I heard. I trained hard back then until my fingers got redden but I felt good about it. Last night, I tried to play "Happy" by Nevershoutnever. The chords were pretty much eeeeeaaasssyyy and you might give it a try. I love Happy (not by Pharrel.)
Tonight's heartbreaking story came from Fedi Nuril, because he wants to hold a marriage on January 17 2016. Wonder how did I got to be this up-to-date? Well, my friend informed me and as the most updated-never ran out of good news-I immediately searched for the news on google and found out his bride-to-be page, which is me, nah, a girl which is not me. Bye fellas, I'm gonna go to bed, since some shits need to be done in a blink of an eye (one night.) Sorry for making it sounds excessive because actually it's true. Bye fellas, bye bye bye.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


If I could erase a characteristic within human being, it'd be "forgetful". This thought barely came to my mind but once it popped up, I think this was the cruelest stuff I've ever thought about. No, not really the -est one but sort of. Based on my own experience, I pretty remember every people that I knew since I went to kindergarten. I may not remember moments and dates but I remember people. I clearly could depict their names, faces, and acts they have done to me long looong ago. Terrific much? I found it impressing yet annoying at the same time. Because at the same time too, the ones I remember forgot me. You might be presuming this is my vengeance act, since people keep forgetting my existence. Lol heck yeah, who doesn't want to be remembered. But I, with the utmost respect, curse the ability of mine that has been streaming down my blood since I was born. I ever had this awkward moment ever that happened to me 2 years ago;
T is for the person I knew; M stands for me.
M: "T!!!! Do you remember me? I'm your old friend back then in EF"
T: "*confused as heck, you can tell without even looking at his face* No"
M: "The ones who went to EF with D (a friend of mine too). Don't you remember?"
T: "I remember D but I don't recognize you"
M: "Ok...."

Oh shit just happened.

Blame me for having the weirdest greeting to an old friend of mine. Unfortunately, he goes to the same highschool of mine. Thank God we've never been classmates.
I know how awful "hello old friend, do you remember me" conversation starter pack. I know. Don't even tell me. But since then, I'm afraid of having a chit-chat with old fellas again since the probability of me being remembered is....1%.
"Remember old friend that only remembers you back" ability. If only this obtained in earthlings; there'd be no such an awkward chit-chat happened to me, ever. I know this idea was like a vengeful action. For God's sake, I don't wanna remember people who doesn't remember me back, in order, no more embarrasing, untimely incident. No more.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


sekarang gue jadi suka K-Drama!! gimana dong, seru banget lagian. yang gue ikutin baru 2 sih, judulnya Oh My Venus sama She Was Pretty, dan yang selesai baru yang kedua. oh iya, ini persepsi gue terhadap drama yang udah gue tonton ya.
kalo Oh My Venus, jujur, pertama ketagihan ngikutin K-Drama karena drama iniiii. karena.....yang main ganteng akakaka, my darling So Ji Sub. gak peduli lah kata orang dia tua juga, ganteng gak liat umur. seru, lucu yang kocak gitu, walaupun bagian keluarga nya gak pernah bisa gue mengerti, plotnya ketebak lah, tapi permasalahan dari setiap episodenya itu yang bikin gak pindah ke drama lain (lebay). pemain lainnya juga eyecandies hahaha maafin gue, gue kalo nonton film emang suka ngeliat dulu dari siapa yang main, kayak Shin Min Ah, Sung Hoon, Henry Lau. indah-indah banget dijamin. gue juga baru ngeh kalo Sung Hoon ternyata ganteng, ya telat. overall serulah, ada yang sedih pas episode 13 (baru nonton) (anaknya gak baper, tapi beneran sedih episode yang ini). 
She Was Pretty; drama yang akhirnya gue selesain dalam waktu singkat (beneran, cuma 4 harian atau seminggu, ya lama ya). ini lucuuuu banget, seru pula. gue suka sama Jung Eum, di sini dia polos, lucu banget (kayak pernah nonton drama dia yang lain aja). tambah lagi, ada Choi Siwon YAHAHAHAH astaga another oppa. tapi Park Seo-joon juga ganteng, ya Allah, zinah mata lagi. parah deh, ini serunya kelewatan. terus pas Jung Eum-nya dipecat, gue nangis!!!!!!!! astaga lebay banget emang tapi sedih banget. gue emang suka nangisin bagian yang gak perlu ditangisin gitu sih, maaf ya. tambah lagi, tracklist drama ini enak-enak semua gengs. nih dikasih linknya deh HAHAHAH

dari 6 lagu itu, ada 2 yang nadanya melow. terus gue sok-sokan ikutan sedih, padahal gak tau artinya (katanya gak baper, gimana sih). ya intinya, bagi kalian yang surroundingsnya mendukung untuk nonton K-Drama (kayak gue, tadinya gak bisa bedain muka aktornya satu persatu, sekarang udah bisa liat tingkat kegantengan setiap orangnya LEUH karena temen-temen gue ceritanya tentang K-Drama mulu). mungkin 2 K-Dramas ini bisa sebagai "starter pack" kalian-kalian yang mau mencoba menggeluti dunia pergantengan dan percantikan aktor dan aktris Korea (YA). selamat menonton ::))