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It's That Time of The Year

It is that time of the month after my despairing-cringe months, where I could finally laugh happier than usual. I feel a little more happier, a little less sadder, a big amount of thankfulness to God.Time heals. Truly. Really. Indubitably. Never have I doubt I ain't going to be okay in the end, or I will never be okay. Never. Never in a million times I speak to myself that I will recover. And guess what? It works. The power of believing in miracles. I sound like a hypocrite, I know. I am not a motivator in a nutshell, will never be. But I went through this phase already and I am telling you all that all of you are going to be okay. It's just a matter of time.I keep this in mind, all the time, "When something/someone left, God is going to replace it with something/someone new" hopefully to something better. Now I am having a very peaceful inner self. Not worried, yet merry.

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